Solar Calculations – Can You Use Solar

Let’s talk Solar and how to calculate what you need. I have attached a couple of 12V solar companies and some site that has solar calculators.

First, what are you going to run?


SSB is 50% duty cycle so take the time you want to operate and calculate Receive and Transmit amps.

A * V = Watts (KX2 transmit 1.0A Receive 0.130A for 6 hours = 6.78 A / .5 = 3.39A) So I need between a 4Ah to 7Ah battery.

Remember you can only take lead acid down to 10.5 V or cut its life in half. and it will only charge to 80% Stop at 11 V.

For the solar panels, it’s the Amps that it can output in an hour and then the same calculation in reverse to charge the battery. Plus the what the charge controller can output.

You will want a good quality MPPT charge controller not a Chinese made PWM controller as it will make RF. Link included…



Enjoy and you know where to ask questions. I should start an online store to sell Solar to HAMs.


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HIP - Ham in the Park is now scheduled on the Calendar!

HIP – Ham in the Park is now scheduled on the Calendar!